The Practitioner

DSC03856I am a woods-walking, weed-eating, plant-whispering lover of the green.  As a child I roamed my Grandmother’s backyard, looking for plants that could heal.  I have been studying and working with herbs since that time.  I graduated in 2005 from the Living Earth School of Herbalism.  I have been in practice in the Ottawa Valley for the past 10 years.  I am a professional member of the Ontario Herbalists Association.  I strive to create a partnership between my clients, the plants, and myself that can help my clients achieve wellness.  I feel that listening is one of the most important elements of my work.  I strive to be open both to the needs of my clients but also to the teachings of the plants I walk with.  In addition to my work with clients I lead plant walks and teach workshops to help people learn about the many healing plants we are surrounded by.