Herbalism is the use of plants to help the body heal and return to balance.  Plants are used to initiate, engage, and support the healing process.  Herbalism can address a variety of both chronic and acute conditions.  Being out of balance for an extended period of time can often result in illness.  An experienced herbalist has an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of herbs and how to apply them for each person’s specific needs.


I offer a whole person approach that operates within the framework of Traditional Western Herbalism.  I strive to blend the latest scientific understanding of herbs and their actions within the body with the centuries old wisdom and experience of traditional herbalism.  I trust plants to guide people back to wellness and health.  In my work I help people to prioritize the choices they make with regards to diet and nutrition, sleep, stress, and exercise.  Making positive choices in these areas enables our body to meet its basic needs.  When these needs are met the ability of the body to help the body heal is greatly increased. 

We are more than flesh and bone.  Each of us is striving to respond to the demands of daily life.  We are attempting to balance our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual realities.  We are meant to live lives of joy- aligned on all levels.  We can only attain our unique and personal peak state of wellness if we support our body with positive choices.  This is a lifelong journey.  At times we will be more successful than at others.  On those days when our choices are less than healthy – forgive; be loving and accepting of yourself.  Resolve to do better in the future.  The days are long but the years are short.  It is the choice that you make today that will lay the foundation for a healthy future.