Our first meeting will last approximately 2 hours.  We will talk one on one about your current health, diet, exercise, lifestyle, and about previous health challenges.  What do you hope to achieve through this process?  What outcome qualifies as a success for you?

After our consultation I will create a custom tincture formula for you.  I find that tinctures offer the best extraction and absorption of the various constituents in an herb.  Depending on your individual needs I may suggest other herbal preparations but I work most frequently with herbs in tincture format.

Your first follow-up appointment is usually scheduled for 4-5 weeks after our initial consultation.  Appointments are made as needed based on your progress.  Your tincture blend will be adjusted after each visit to respond to the changes in your condition.  Your commitment to the lifestyle, exercise, and nutrition recommendations you receive will be essential to your success.  What actions will you take to relearn the patterns of health?